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About the best event management company in Qatar



Our team consists of a group of individuals with the right mix of professional skills to deliver an event like no other

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Who Are We ?

ExpoTale is an Events and Media Production Company based in Qatar. We create, design and deliver events of all shapes and sizes throughout the country to help our clients engage and inspire their people, customers, and partners.

We have been putting on extraordinary events for over 15 years and have gotten pretty good at it! Expotale’s Team comprises a diverse and talented team of experts in marketing and advertising, filming and media production, who are equipped to turn your vision into reality.

Whether you are a big national or international corporation with a large budget or a small business with limited financial resources, we have the passion, talent, and experience to make your event a unique and memorable occasion that you will look back on with pride.

Our full-planning service handles the entire scope of your event, including all event production management, services and solutions, marketing & advertising and media production.


Our Team

Ammar Anbatawi

Founder & CEO

Nada Ibrahim

Executive Director

Ghaida Almarwani

marketing manager

Rashed Alam

Operations Officer

Hadeel Shaker

3D & Interior Designer

Mohammed Ammar

3D & Interior Designer

Sagar Mohan

3D & Animation Designer

Raid Altamimi

Senior Event Coordinator

Ines Rajab

Event Coordinator

Khaled Allani

Event Coordinator

Feras Anabtawi

Event Coordinator

Rasel Ahammad

Technical Assistant